Mathieu Dutour
Lead Plugin Ecosystem -  Sketch

Mathieu is passionate about making tings and he’s currently working on the Plugin Ecosystem of Sketch. He’ll give an overview of the different possibilities to create a Sketch plugin. And! Drum roll… the talk will include the release of a new developer tool for Sketch in exclusivity!

CTO & co-founder— Abstract

Prior to Abstract, Kevin spent some time hacking on design tools at Habitat and before that was Head of Product and Design at Tact. He cares deeply about building excellent software and wants to make that easier by creating better platforms and tools for design, engineering, and collaboration between the two.

Head of Product Development — Abstract

Tom joined the company not long after its inception and has played a pivotal role in building the Abstract platform and desktop application. Previously he co-founded Sqwiggle and Buffer and has a deep interested in improving collaboration – particularly for remote teams.

Product Engineer — Framer

Jonas Treub, Lead Product Developer at Framer will talk about the history and future of Framer. Together with him we’ll take a deep dive into Framer X and its extensibility, their new product that seamlessly blends design and development and makes team collaboration even easier. 

Basak Haznedaroglu
Director of Product Design — InVision

Basak is a multi-disciplinary thinker, educator, designer, creative technologist and mentor for several startups. She previously worked at Microsoft and Foursquare and is currently Director of Product Design at InVision. She strongly believes that design, code and storytelling can synthesise into meaningful and intuitive products and services.

Sertaç Olgunsoylu
Software Engineer — Zeplin

Sertaç is very excited about the future of the Web. He's mainly working on Zeplin’s Web app and Extensions. He will explain how the small team manages to serve a thousand product teams around the world and he’ll announce exciting news about Zeplin extensions to get us on track right after!

CEO & Co-founder — Anima

Meet Avishay, CEO and Co-founder of the design-to-code startup Anima. Together with his team he started Anima with the goal to empower designers to achieve more with the tools they are already using. During his talk he will tell us about bringing the power of code to visual tools, and giving designers the power of developers.

Head of Design System - Wix.com

Based in Tel Aviv, Ben leads the Design System UX team at Wix.com. That’s the team responsible for creating Wix’s library of visual style, ensuring that all developers and designers use the same language to create brand consistency. An alumni of Bezalel Academy’s Visual Communication Department in Jerusalem, he now serves as Senior Faculty Member and Head of Interactive Design Studios at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design, Tel Aviv.

Developer Advocate — Adobe

As a Developer Advocate at Adobe, Kerri is on the forefront of helping to launch the Adobe XD Developer Platform. She’ll give an introduction to creating plugins for Adobe XD. She is also around to support the makers throughout both days. Get in touch with this JavaScript fangirl, technical writer, and mobile app developer for all your related questions! 


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